You benefit from our –

Dedicated focus

Applying our experience and financial knowledge to your legal and valuation issues is our core business. Our niche service is cost-effective and reliable and can offer peace of mind. When building a case made up of financial elements, you can leave the “numbers” to us with confidence, and concentrate on your own area of professional expertise.

Boutique size

Compared to large multi-disciplined organisations we are much less likely to have conflicts of interest. We are independent and act independently – this is important in today’s complex post-Enron world. Our size also means that we are not burdened with the same layers of cost as larger, international accountancy firms.

Highly qualified team

We are a small team of expert practitioners with an understanding of accounting and finance theory coupled with business acumen and superior investigative skills. Our technical expertise is matched with legal knowledge, our experience in preparing independent business valuations, and in presenting expert evidence before the courts and other tribunals.

Style of working

The depth of knowledge we bring to financial issues means we can offer you informed discussion and meaningful advice right at the outset. We gain a prompt understanding of the background of the issue at hand and work with you to define the questions that we need to answer. This ensures the best use of our time and your money. We always aim to deliver our service within the timeframe most beneficial to you.

How much will it cost

We will discuss what we propose to do, evaluate the time it is likely to take and, if required, provide you with an estimate of our fees.